Water Well Pumping Systems

pump Once a well is drilled, the next crucial step is to “size” the pump system for the water needs of the project. This means ensuring that the entire system be calculated to deliver the optimum amount of water at the best pressure possible.

A typical pump system for a single family home includes a submersible pump installed in the well with a drop pipe, motor cable and torque arrestors; well cap, pitless adapter, water line, UF cable and assorted fittings from the well to the house; and a hydropneumatic pressure tank with controls (pressure gauge, pressure switch, check valve, pressure relief valve and boiler drain) set up in the basement and connected to the well.

Some water systems are designed to store water during times of low demand (such as night time). This stored water can be used later to supply water during peak demand (laundry, lawn watering). We can plan a water system based on your needs and water source.

In contrast to a domestic well, an irrigation well must be able to produce water at steady high rates for extended periods of time. Irrigation systems must be carefully designed to minimize pumping costs and to prevent excessive drawdown of the well.