Well Water Flow Testing

A true well flow test also called a water well yield test or a water well drawdown test, is performed at the well, using a special pump which draws water directly from the well. The inspector can vary the rate at which the pump draws water out of the well in order to determine the rate at which the well can deliver a sustained water flow rate or quantity over a measured time period, usually several hours, typically 3 hours or 4 hours, and in some cases over 24 hours.

A true well flow test or well draw down test will discover the ability of the well to deliver water, without confusion caused by the characteristics of the building’s own well pump, pump control, water pressure tank, water piping, or fixtures.

All of these in-building components can dramatically affect water pressure and water flow rate in the building, and the size of the static head in a well can cause confusion between how much water is “available” at any given time and how much water the well can really deliver.

Merrill Water offers a full range of pump testing both for residential homes and irrigation wells. Most lending institutions require a flow test and a potability test on all residences with a well before closing. A typical flow test for a house well is a four-hour test.

Irrigation wells require a much longer flow test as the stress put on the aquifer is much greater. Irrigation flow tests range from 6 to 72 hours in length.


We can Provide:

  • A determination of how much water is in the well?
  • Well Flow Rate, Well Yield, Well Draw Down Test, Well Flow Testing, & Water Quantity
  • A professional, and accurate well drawdown test